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2.6 seconds – that's how long a website has to make an impression on a visitor. Can your website meet that challenge?
We doubt it. Why else would be here?

Color schemes & combinations

Adding a dash of color to the site - sensibly!

Layout within brand parameters

Simplistic layouts used to perfection

Typography of text & graphics

The art of using fonts to make web content even more attractive

Navigation usage of elements

Making website menu interactive, not annoying.

Our Process

The skeleton plan of a website can be broken down into three components -

  • Elements of wireframes :

    A wireframe is the skeletal structure, or blueprint, of a website. It conveys the layout of a page and helps decide where to place elements like headers and footers, navigation menus, and content areas. It's an essential because

    • It depicts the site architecture visually
    • Showcases various features of the website
    • Identifies flaws and pushes functionality
    • Makes it easier to incorporate feedback
  • Elements of Homepage :

    No matter how rapidly the world changes, first impressions will continue to be last impressions. That's what a homepage is – the first impression a visitor makes about you. And, we make sure it's one they will remember always (in a positive way). Some elements of a good homepage are:

    • Masthead (including company name and logo)
    • Color Scheme & Graphics
    • Effective Captions
    • Primary and Secondary Text
  • Elements of HTML (Coding)

    Hyper-text Mark-up Language (HTML) is a programming language for formatting web pages. It has stood the test of time and continued to be popular with web designers, despite the presence of other programming languages because

    • It is free
    • It is simple to use and understand
    • It is supported by all browsers
    • It is similar to XML syntax
  • Module Development (Programming)

    Module development is done for the dynamic sections of the website. Clients are given access to the backend admin using PHP/.NET or CMS. The most popular CMSs are

    • Wordpress
    • Joomla
    • Drupal etc.
  • Quality Analysis

    We've reached the final stage - it's time to make the website live. But one thing still remains – the final quality analysis to ensure nothing important has been overlooked. In this stage, we check the following:

    • Titles and Meta data
    • Website compatibility across browsers, Links
    • Functionality of features like contact form, shopping basket, etc.
    • Sitemap
  • Uploading/ Site Handover

    Website quality? Check. SEO? Check. Content? Check. It's now time to upload the website using file transfer protocol. FTP operations can be managed using dedicated FTP-application software, the most popular ones being

    • WS-FTP
    • Smart-FTP
    • Cute-FTP

Latest Projects

See what's new from the Addictive factory.If this doesn't impress you enough, or you like playing hard to get,
then our complete portfolio will surely make you a fan.

  • Architecture • Urban Design • Tour Planning

    See what's new from the Addictive factory. If this doesn't impress you enough, or you like playing hard to get, then our complete portfolio will surely make you a fan.

    Statement of work Website Flash Version Website HTML Version Email Signature view detail
  • Trendsetters in consumer durables and IT accessories

    Intex Technologies (India) ltd., incepted in the year 1996 is a major player in India in mobile handset, consumer durables and IT accessories. A pioneer in technology.

    Statement of work Website Design LED TV Microsite Speaker Microsite view detail
  • We don't just sell a car, we sell a brand.

    Established in 2009, we describe ourselves as the trendsetters in selling pre-owned luxury cars. We believe in giving a new dimension to owning exotic cars and raise the standard of the used car market in India.

    Statement of work Website Design Logo Design view detail

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